Activate the Power of Imagery To Heal
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Are you taking advantage of the power of your imagination? Have you used imagery to assist you in accessing inner resources for healing and personal transformation?

Drawing from my psychotherapy practice, here are examples of three ways you can benefit from using this remarkable tool.

Tap into the Mind-Body Connection

June is a diabetic who was having great difficulty bringing down her dangerously high blood sugar levels. For months her blood sugar readings had been shooting up to over 200 (they need to be below 100), in spite of regular insulin injections. Her physician explained that her cells were becoming insulin resistant. I suggested that June try using imagery to stabilize her blood sugar levels. June made time daily to relax, close her eyes, and imagine her cells opening to and welcoming the insulin. Within just a week, her blood sugars normalized - and remained in the acceptable range.

June had also suffered considerable damage to her retinas due to the diabetes, and was deemed legally blind. During her daily visualization sessions, she began to imagine her body repairing her retinas and restoring her eyesight. Though she is still visually impaired, June's vision has definitely improved over time. Currently, she is able to read a size 12 font without using glasses.

Make Peace with the Past

Donald had been anxious for most of his life - always waiting for the other shoe to fall. He sought my help after experiencing several horrible panic attacks which made him feel like he was dying. Since extensive medical tests revealed that he was physically in top shape, physicians concluded that the panic attacks were being triggered by his emotional distress.

I learned that Donald had grown up in a violent, tense, and unstable household in which he was often physically and emotionally abused. During our sessions, I guided Donald in using imagery to revisit and rewrite traumatic episodes from his childhood. This process enabled Donald to champion his younger self, release painful emotions, revise limiting decisions he had made about himself and his life, feel more empowered, and view the events of his early years from a higher perspective. As he made peace with his past, Donald's panic attacks subsided and he became increasingly calm and confident in his daily life.

Attract What You Truly Desire

Naomi hated her job and felt trapped in it, with no other options. For years she had scoured the want ads with no success in finding something better. During our initial consultation, I asked Naomi to make a list of the qualities she wanted in a new job. Then, I made her a visualization tape and instructed her to listen to it every day while relaxing and giving it her complete attention. On the tape, I guided Naomi in envisioning herself already doing what she loves in a positive and supportive work environment. I urged her to get excited about what she was visualizing, and I encouraged her to feel more deserving of having what she really wants.

After some months of using her visualization tape, Naomi was approached by a friend who suggested she apply for a unique position that had just been created in another company. It sounded interesting, so Naomi decided to apply. Naomi reports that her new job is everything she had hoped it would be and more.


These are just three of the many ways you can use the power of imagery to create desired changes from the inside out. Like June, George, and Naomi, you too can access your own inner resource for personal transformation by closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths, and playing with your imagination.

Try This Visualization Exercise

Here is an exercise for attracting what you desire. As you do this process, don't worry about how you visualize. Some people see things clearly in their mind's eye, while others just sense or feel things. However you do it is perfect for you.

1. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and relax.

2. Visualize yourself living the life you desire. Notice how it feels to be having and enjoying what you really want. Be lighthearted and playful. Get excited about what you are imagining. Embellish it. Dream big. Make it as real as you can.

3. Tell yourself, "I deserve to have what I truly desire," as you continue to imagine yourself doing, being, and having whatever you are wanting to create or attract into your life.

4. Put it all in a bubble and feel yourself letting it go as it drifts upwards.

Dr. Eve Delunas holds a Ph.D in psychology and has spent over 30 years bridging the spiritual and psychological in her workshops and classes. She is the author of "Healing Pathways: Imagery and the New Brain Science" and "Survival Games Personalities Play." Eve is known for her dynamic and inspirational presentation style.