mind body medicine

Mind-body medicine is grounded in an understanding of the profound interconnection of mind and body, the ways in which thoughts, emotions and behaviors impact health, the body's innate healing capacity, and the importance of compassionate care and self-responsibility in the healing process. Our mission is to be a leading advocate for the use of mind-body medicine and a reputable resource for its practitioners; to promote awareness and provide information about the mind-body connection in health and healing to the public; and to offer information and resources to practitioners and patients alike who are interested in evidence-based practices, treatments and therapies that facilitate psychological and physical wellness from a mind-body perspective.

The vision of the American Association of Mind-Body Medicine is a mind-body oriented health care system in the U.S. - one that puts the care back into health care by treating the whole person. In concert with AAMBM efforts, mind-body medicine is increasingly being used in hospitals, medical schools, private practices, and as a part of community health and trauma relief programs. Researchers representing an array of disciplines are exploring the ways in which psychological factors can have a powerful impact on physical health, and several US medical schools and centers now have departments devoted to mind–body research - including Harvard, Columbia, and UCLA. These investigations into mind-body phenomena have yielded considerable evidence that mind-body interventions can produce measurable changes in physiology: preventing illness, alleviating pain, and curing disease. By advocating for mind-body health care practitioners and raising public awareness about this exciting field, the American Association of Mind-Body Medicine is at the forefront of education, protocols and policies pertaining to mind-body medicine.

mind body medicine

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Mind-Body Medicine