Why Do We Feel Sick All the Time?
Metaphysical Cures For What Ails Us
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Many of us suffer from the "I feel sick syndrome." We are not truly "ill," in the sense that we do not have a significant malfunction of an organ or organ system that can be readily diagnosed by traditional contemporary medical testing. But we certainly experience bouts of discomfort, pain or distress - in other words, we just don’t feel right!

And we often feel it physically - in particular parts of our bodies, such as head, back and joints, chest and abdomen. We experience pain, discomfort, heaviness and a variety of other vaguely abnormal sensations which seem to either focus in on one part of our bodies, or in an overall sense of general discontent and "dis-ease."

We feel it emotionally as well, in the form of blues and blahs, anxiety, fatigue, frustration, unhappiness; lack of focus, strength, appetite, sleep, sex drive; and an absence of enthusiasm, motivation, and joie de vivre. From a spiritual perspective, it may be experienced as a sense of emptiness, confusion, lack of direction, an absence of meaning and also, a loss of faith. I am not referring to a loss of faith in a Divine Being but in oneself and the reason for being here on earth.

But rest assured, if you are going through this, you are not alone. We are in the midst of an epidemic of feeling sick - one that has metaphysical implications, one that involves our body, mind and soul.

Have we become a nation of hypochondriacs? Not really. Our confusion, discomfort, pains and insomnia are real. We are not faking, or deluding ourselves or others. The ache in our hearts and souls is palpable. We are suffering from a sense of detachment and discontinuity from our whole being - body, mind and spirit.

We are in need of "healing" in its truest sense. It is our fragmented sense of self and a feeling that our world is spinning beyond our control that is making so many people "feel sick," and we have to find our way to wholeness. The first step toward reclaiming health is to change our approach and understanding of what we mean by "feeling sick."; By reclaiming our inner metaphysician, we can assist in our own healing.

Dr. Steve’s Metaphysical "Cures"

I suggest you simultaneously address what ails you from the body, mind and spirit perspective. Consult a physician and rule out any predominantly physical illnesses; be aware that emotional distress can lead to physically disorders that can be addressed and corrected. Taking a metaphysical approach can be the source of great healing.

1. Examine your attitudes. How we "feel" about how we "feel" is crucial. The way we interpret the inevitable ups and downs that come with living makes an enormous difference. If we consistently catastrophize our symptoms and feel we are being overpowered by them, we will make that our reality. By seeing ourselves as spiritual beings having a physical experience, we will likely reduce panic, anxiety and symptoms.

2. Welcome the lesson of the blahs. It is easy to be irritated, annoyed and sometimes totally exhausted by the challenges of life. But sickness can, in fact, offer opportunities to evolve by facing and overcoming its challenges. Rather than see oneself as someone who is “overcome by pain” consider the truth that pain is a normal part of living. Accepting it will neutralize its power over our lives.

3. Rise above dogma and limiting beliefs. Getting stuck in myths and belief systems that perpetuate guilt, fear and restrictive thinking will not empower us. Our souls incarnate in order to evolve and grow. This is not about punishment but rather an opportunity to overcome our obstacles and grow spiritually from the effort. Feeling sick could be a doorway to healing.

4. Redefine What Feeling Sick is All About. Our emotional states often heighten our awareness of discomfort, and can exaggerate our symptoms. This often sets us up for a vicious cycle in which symptoms cause fear and anxiety which, in turn, increase our complaints. People tend to define themselves by their illnesses - so change your focus! See yourself as whole and healthy and it will most likely come to pass.

5. Take a vacation from illness, emotions, and negative thoughts. Take a true vacation or find a way to tap into serenity wherever you are. Connect to the sacred space within by taking time out to reflect, breathe, and meditate. It is a way to find peace and solace anywhere. Step back from the negative energy which bombards us from all aspects of the media, including the Internet.

6. Get enough sleep. We are nearly all chronically fatigued. A good night's sleep can heal many ills. Even a short "power nap" will offer tremendous healing. Sleep is the body, mind and spirit's way of "re-booting."

Steven E. Hodes, MD, is a board certified gastroenterologist with almost 30 years in private practice. His book, "Meta-Physician on Call for Better Health: Metaphysics and Medicine for Mind, Body, and Spirit" explores the connections between metaphysics, medicine, and healing. Find out more at www.meta-md.com